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Year of the Rabbit postage stampIn my jobby-job, I work with people in  Hong Kong on a daily basis so the ebb and flow of Chinese New Year (CNY) is a regular part of our yearly planning. In China and Hong Kong, almost everyone takes some time off in the weeks around CNY. Factories, offices and businesses of all sorts close for a week or more. So, this week, as CNY looms closer, our Asia partners are out of the office, enjoying time with family and friends and getting some much-needed time off. Stateside, I like to celebrate by making dim sum and saying “Gong hei fat choy” to everyone which is the Cantonese for “happiness and prosperity”. If you want to learn to say a traditional CNY greeting in Mandarin, try “Xīnnián hǎo” (shin-yen-hao) (新年好). There are great pronunciation samples available here!

If you stalled out on your goals or resolutions for the new calendar year, use CNY as a chance to reboot your plans on Lunar New Year (which is officially this Sunday, January 22 but is celebrated until about Feb. 2).



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