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I’m not sure if this tip is a true”hack” or if it’s just a really clever way to jump start your new year’s planner, but here goes…

This tip actually came from an unusual source, a book called The Scent of Lemon & Rosemary by Raechel Henderson, about caring for your home using earth magic. While most of the book isn’t applicable to my lovely readers, Chapter 11 deals with creating your own “Wheel of the Year”.

In this practice, instead of relying entirely on the bog-standard national holiday calendar for your country, or just your work holidays, Ms. Henderson recommends that you fill your planner with holidays and events that are important to you. First, what holidays do you and your family celebrate? Maybe you have specific heritage holidays or religious holidays that are overlooked on regular calendars. Go through an input them on the right days if you’re using a daily planner or add them to the monthly calendar pages. Then add in birthdays and anniversaries for family and friends. Maybe you like to know when the full moons are, those Mercury retrogrades occur, or if any asteroid or stars are particularly visible in the night sky? Google these astrological events and add them on the correct day.

Then, and this is the real jewel of the hack, go find one of those There’s a Day For That calendars and scroll through the months. There’s are hundreds of special observance days for everything from social causes to favorite foods and everything in between.

Are you a lover of donuts? If so, be sure to add National Donut Day to the appropriate page in your planner. It’s on June 2, which is also Leave The Office Early Day, coincidentally. I found all the cat appreciation days (there’s a lot of them!), International Gin & Tonic Day (Oct. 19) and Left Hander’s Day (Aug. 13 — of course its on the 13th! So unlucky!)

As a stationery aficionado, you may want to find National Pencil Day (March 30), Rubber Eraser Day (April 15), Global Handwriting day (Oct. 15) and, of course, Fountain Pen Day (Nov 3 this year).

This is a great way to add dates to your calendar that will remind you that everyday can be special and to help alleviate some of the endless blank pages.

As today is National Rubber Ducky Day, I hope you get a chance to float a rubber duck and bring a little joy into your life. Happy Ducky Day!

What special dates are you going to add to your planner or calendar?

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  1. This is an excellent, fresh idea to infuse motivation into calendar-keeping and journaling. Now I want to make up some new holidays, too. We should start W-AD list of cool days to celebrate.


  2. In addition to personal “holidays” (mostly idiosyncratic anniversaries that the spouse guy and I observe), I always put in National Donut Day, National Croissant Day, Fountain Pen Day, National Pencil Day and Fountain Pen Day! I haven’t been observing Left Hander’s Day, though… shame on me!

  3. I teach fully online with weekly modules that run Sunday-Saturday. The emails I send on Sunday morning include not only an outline of the work the students will be doing that week, but also a couple of “silly” holidays that will happen that week. This coming week has a lot to choose from, including Ditch Your Resolutions Day, Popcorn Day, Penguin Awareness Day, and Squirrel Appreciation Day. It’s a veritable bounty of ridiculousness. 🙂

  4. Also, thank you for the header image. I’ve been having trouble with the Chirotto tabs getting pushed off the edges of the pages of my Cousin. I don’t know why it never previously occurred to me to put them on top…

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