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Until recently, the pen show season is something that I have come to see as consistent, almost “set in stone”. For me, the first pen show of the year is Philadelphia and my last pen show is Chicago. The summer is a blur of pen shows too close together.

But the pen show circuit does change. Slowly. The St. Louis pen show is only 4 or 5 years old, the Colorado show has been going about 10 years. In 2022, Orlando hosted a new pen show as well. This year, we have another newcomer to the group – the California pen show.

Wait, you say, doesn’t California already have a pen show, or two? The LA pen show in February and the San Francisco pen show in August.

The LA pen show, previously scheduled for the weekend nearest to Valentine’s Day (which could be good or bad), will not take place in 2023.  The new California pen show will ensure that February (and LA)  is not devoid of pen friends and retailers. Taking place February 9-12, this new event will be at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott and has two ticket options – $25 for two days or $69 for the VIP pass (both available for purchase online). The dealer tables have been sold out since the show was announced with 81 dealers.

The other California pen show, scheduled in August is the San Francisco Pen Show and will continue as scheduled.

Should you attend the new California Pen Show? Well, readers, both myself (Jesi) and Ana (of pink hair fame) will be working at the Dromgoole’s table for this show. That’s how you know it will be a great weekend! The schedule does not yet detail classes or events outside of the pen show proper, but you can be sure there will be plenty of visiting and sharing of pens at the hotel bar in the evenings.

For more Pen Show details, don’t forget to refer to our Pen Show Schedule!


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