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I have so much news and stuff to talk about this week that I’ll try to be quick so you can get to those links — of course, you can just scroll right past my verbal diatribe if you want, I will never know.

The new California Pen Show was the overall success everyone was hoping for. The show was well-organized and well-attended for the first new show in our post-COVID world. Hopefully, as they plan for next year, there will be enhancements made like classes, workshops, and maybe even an evening auction. Honestly, that was probably the only elements, from an attendee standpoint that the show was missing. The show offered one day passes as well as a three day. Friday and Saturday were well-attended but Sunday was a little slow. This could have been due to the Superbowl (which occurred the same day) or the fears of the crowds normally present on Sundays at the former LA International Pen Show.

Jesi and I were the first faces people saw when they walked into the show behind two towers of inks. And we were hopping all weekend matching inks to pens and helping folks find just what inks they were looking for. In our rare slow moments, Jesi and I were able to wander about a bit and test out the new Schon Monoc Nib, visit with friends like Jonathan Brooks at Carolina Pen Company and John at Lemur. We also made new friends, visited with some folks we only see on the West Coast and oggle some beautiful pens.

Jesi left the show on Sunday afternoon in order to be at work first thing on Monday (in KC, coincidentally) and I left on Monday. When I got home, I discovered that I had picked up a raging case of con-crud. Not COVID, just your run-of-the-mill cold but it doesn’t make it any less of a drag. Our dear friend and Desk-contributor Tina, just posted that she did come down with COVID this week. Laura is about to leave on a two-week trip to New Zealand today as well. If we are short a post or two in the new couple weeks, its just a result of everything happening all at once so be patient with us.

Today, the entire city of Kansas City is downtown for the celebratory Superbowl champions parade. Except me. Because I am coughing up a lung. And I don’t really like crowds so I probably wouldn’t have been there anyway. My office, however, did give everyone the day off to celebrate. I will be “celebrating” by resting and recuperating from the crud.

There are some really great posts this week, including lots of ink reviews, a re-review of the Platinum Curidas, Gentleman Stationer’s review of the aforementioned Schon Monoc nib and lots more — a biotech firm is trying to bring back the Dodo (I’m having Jasper Fforde Thursday Next flashbacks) and even a cute dog rescue story and classic perfumes. Hope you find something that intrigues or delights you this week.

Love, Ana




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  1. Oh dear, I hope Laura is mostly going to be in the South Island of NZ – here in the North Island we’ve just had the worst cyclone in 40 years, the death toll is rising and some areas are severely damaged, so travel is likely to be difficult :/

  2. The pen show sounds like it was a ton of fun! Sorry you caught some crud but glad it wasn’t COVID! I got over it quickly and easily, thanks to all those boosters!

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