Pen Review: Pilot Kese Lamé Erasable Glitter Gel Pen

The last time I was perusing JetPens, I came across something fun: the Pilot Kese Lame Erasable Glitter Gel Pen. There’s so much in there I have to fully unpack that sentence. Pilot – maker of fancy pens. Gel ink – one of my favorite inks (outside of fountain pen ink). GLITTER – ’nuff said. And erasable? I was hooked.

I went ahead and bought the Aurora 3-color pack ($11.00), which is unfortunately sold out. The pack contains three pens with 0.7mm tips, and something that looks a bit like an eraser (but certainly doesn’t feel like your standard rubber eraser).

The ink in these pens makes them a little bit like FriXion pens. It’s thermo-sensitive meaning that it will erase when heat (or friction from the eraser) is applied. They do caution that you shouldn’t leave these pens in a car on a hot day! And apparently if you get your writing very cold (i.e. the freezer), the ink reappears? What magic is this?

The only disappointing part for me is that I don’t see much glitter. I tried shaking the pens (hey it works for fountain pen ink right?) and I still saw only a scant spot or two, not enough to even show up in the photos.

Overall, I’d say these pens were a fun experiment and I’ll enjoy using them (and erasing any mistakes I make!).

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