Pen Review: Sailor Ink Pen Set of 3

I’ve been watching with interest over the last several years as Sailor has released so many beautiful new inks. However, my ink drawer overfloweth (I have more than enough ink to last me a lifetime!) so I haven’t been purchasing many. Last time I perused Yoseka Stationery I was interested to see that Sailor is also releasing combination brush pens/felt tip fine liners in some of the new ink colorways. I eagerly purchased the Tone of the Evening Calm set ($9.50 for 3-pen set).

The set I purchased includes pens in the following ink colors:

  • 473 – a bright peach/orange
  • 435 – a plummy purple
  • 943 – a dark blue black

The set was “inspired by the evening calm of the setting sun that quietly envelops the harbor as it watches over ships.”

I think I was most taken with the packaging on these pens. Even though it is written in Japanese it manages to convey that it makes use of the bottled fountain pen ink colors to create these pens in tons of different shades. The packaging is specific to these three colors, yet also shows the colors available in this format, either singly or in other combinations.

The pen itself has two ends – one with a brush tip, and one with a felt tip fine liner. The fine liner writes beautifully and if I were more skilled with a brush pen, I’d be stoked with that one too. I think this is a fun way to explore Sailor’s ink line without having to buy full bottles of fountain pen ink, which of course opens it up to a wider audience. Of course there are always the bottles if you find a favorite shade or two!

DISCLAIMER: Some of these items were purchased with my own funds, others were provided for free or at discounted cost for the purposes of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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