A new stationery store: May Day Paper & Post

A little over a month ago Kansas City welcomed a new stationery store, May Day Paper and Post! While we do have a pen store and the ubiquitous Paper Source, this is an indie stationery store, one that I’m delighted to support. May Day bills itself as a place for all things snail mail.

This past Friday while Ana was at the St. Louis Pen Show, I drove up to check it out! The store is super cute, set in midtown Kansas City. It has a fun, curated collection of greeting cards, notebooks and notecards, journals, stickers, mugs, wrapping paper and other giftables. To be clear, this isn’t a pen store. They did have a fun selection of Gelly Roll pens and a few roller balls and ball points, but it’s primarily about the paper. It’s whimsical, and the owner definitely has a sense of humor.

I was restrained but found a few cute cards on the long wall. My selections were from Black and White and Red All Over and A Zillion Dollars. Both cards are printed nicely, and use recycled content for both the cards and envelopes.

I saw many of the familiar notebooks (Maruman, Kleid, Leuchtturm, and more), plus some from companies I hadn’t heard from. I did pick up one notebook – I’ll share my thoughts on it next week!

Overall it’s a cute shop, and if you’re in the Kansas City area, you won’t be disappointed if you stop by! And if you’re looking for a fun new shop to support, you can also shop online!

P.S. If you stop by, make sure you give shop dog Lucy lots of pets!

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  1. Hi Laura,
    As a KC area resident, I’m very happy to learn of this store. I saw Denik notebooks at World Market. I contacted Denik, asking if their paper was fountain pen friendly. The person who answered referred me to a Pen Addict review, and mentioned the fountain pen she used did well. I got two of their notebooks, but haven’t used them yet. I’ll look forward to your review. I like that constellation cover.

    1. I have also reviewed Denik products in the past but they may have changed their paper stock in the intervening years. Reviews are here and here.

  2. Oh, so two days after I introduce my spouse and child to Wonder Fair, you come in here with this? Now I have another place to take them to where we can see and touch and buy stuff we like and want and will use? The audacity.

    Can’t wait to drop in. 🙂

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