Mini-Review: Muji Fountain Pen

When is a Platinum Preppy not a Platinum Preppy? When its a Muji Fountain Pen (price not available online). In the past, I’ve acquired other pens from Muji that were “white-labelled” but none more perfectly fits this description than this Preppy.

The exterior is entirely opaque white plastic with a clear ring at the cap band. The clip is integrated into the cap and is smooth straight line with no embellishment.

The only branding is the classic “p” and the nib width indication of “03” which is the fine nib.

The pen performs just as well as a regular Preppy but with a simple, clean exterior. The Platinum nib, as always, is smooth and the snap cap makes it a great on-the-go pen. If you have access to a Muji store, I would recommend looking for this gem.

This pen was sent to me by a dear friend.


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  1. I recently purchased a set of three Preppy / Kokuyo Perpanep pens with the white body and 03 nibs. I found them on Amazon for $18 for the set of three. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth they are! They look exactly like the Muji in this post.

  2. I just found one of these in the Muji store in Manila and it took me a bit to realize what I was looking for. I may have to go back to get a second that I can use to repair a Plaisir I have at home. It, like all Platinums, writes very nicely.

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