Link Love: Apple Spice Ink Party

Apple pie of my eye

It’s finally getting cooler here in the Midwest and that makes me pull out all my sweaters, drink spice teas and even crave the occasional pumpkin spice latte. Even my ink cravings start leaning more autumnal: browns, russet reds, pumpkin oranges and dusky greens.

Oh, and have you seen the monrach butterflies migrating? We ooh-ed and ahh-ed at lunch today as butterflies flew over our heads. It was magical.

Are you ready for the change in the season wherever you are?




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  1. I wish there were more apple spice treats and drinks like there are pumpkin spice. You can get pumpkin spice anything practically. My birthday is later this month. I’ve experienced hot days, cool days for it. I remember getting to were long sleeves on one birthday. I also remember a high 80°s one or two. I’m in the KC metro area too.

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