Pen Review: Uni-ball One Gel Pen 3 Color Set

Even though I don’t get to attend all the pen shows, Ana does sometimes bring home fun products to try. So I was excited last week when she handed me a Uni-ball One Gel Pen 3 Color Set (Limited Edition: Miyabi). Ana purchased the set at Mai Do at the San Francisco Pen Show, but it doesn’t appear on their website. I did find it available on JetPens (3 Color Set, $6).

Many folks say that Uni-ball gels are their favorite kind of pen, and after trying these I can see why. The 3-color set comes with smooth plastic barrels and comfortable rubber grips. They are clickable, and sport a clip that easy holds onto the front cover of a notebook or a small stack of paper. The gel pens are available with either .38mm or .5mm tips. I got the .38mm ones, and the lines are thin and precise!

The packaging denotes that the ink is water-resistant, and pigment based. It lays down cleanly and is quick drying. While it’s referred to as “vibrant colors” the Miyabi is really more of a bit of a pastel set. The Orange (Loquat fruit) is fairly vibrant but the Purple (Bellflower) and Gray (Mamedifuku) are softer colored, while still being legible. I happen to love gel pens (I favor them over ball points and roller balls) so I’m pleased to have some fun new colors in my pen cup!

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