Link Love: Cracks in the Sidewalk

Can I tell you how mesmerized I am by the guerrilla crack repair done by the aritst Ememem (see the link below in “other interesting things”)? I love random acts of art like this. I love trees wrapped in knitwear, sidewalk chalk paintings and beautifully created murals. I love when the neighbor decides to repaint the garage door with flowers painted by their children. I love yards covered with statuary. I love the Watts Towers. This is art for the sake of art and for making the world a more beautiful place. Its like planting flowers in an abandoned field. What random acts of art making can I do? Or you?




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  1. I loved the story on the filling of decaying sidewalks and steps. Such beautiful work done by a talented artist.

    I’d read that Inkophile blog link, and ordered the pen case in the gray canvas material. I follow Margana on Flickr. The little bunny in her photo was adorable.

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