Pen & Nib Review: Schon DSGN Monoc Nib & Anodized Aluminum “Pocket Six” Fountain Pen

Hidden inside the simple paperboard tube is a pen of exquisite quality and with a nib like no other. It’s the Schon DSGN “Pocket Six” Anodized Aluminum ($165) with the mind-blowing Monoc Nib unit (starting at $385).

The nib is custom made by Schon DSGN in their Philadelphia workshop and is formed from a single piece of titanium. There is so much thought and consideration in the development of this nib that I could prattle on about how it was created but I won’t do it nearly the justice it deserves. I recommend reading the details directly from Schon DSGN and even take time to watch the video.



I mean, I couldn’t even get a good clear photo of the full depth of this nib what makes you think I can talk eloquently about it?!?! But dig that star engraved on the back side of the nib! Such a nice touch!

For a comparison in size, the Pocket Six is similar in size to the Kaweco Sport but the aluminum material feels weightier and sturdier.

While the Monoc nib will fit into any pen that takes a JOWO nib unit, putting this unique nib in one of Schon DSGN’s awesome anonized aluminum fountain pen designs seems like the best way to show off its unique looks.

In writing tests, I used the pen on both Tomoe River paper and a Nakabayashi Logical Prime notebook. I purchased the fine nib but it is definitely a European fine and more comparable to a MF or medium nib for me. It’s silky smooth to write with and can be used in a wide variety of angles. The nib can be flipped over and used upside down and it writes with a slightly finer point. It can also be angled from a low- to high-writing angle without any issues. If you’ve ever had issues with fountain pen nibs do to an unusual writing angle, the Monoc nib might be the perfect option for you.

Overall, I am thrilled I can support (with help from my Patrons!) Ian and his crazy adventures in nib making. The looks and overall quality of his pens in next level. They are modern and echo to our fountain pen history at the same time. The term visionary gets thrown around a lot but what Schon DSGN is doing really is visionary.

The Monoc nib is expensive but it is made in the US using premium materials and is tested before its sent out. If you are more interested in the Pocket Six, I also can’t recommend them enough. This galactic look Pocket Six is my second Pocket Six.  The original has been a daily carry since I got it and I suspect the new galactic Monoc will join its sister, the “Ferrara Rocher” hammered brass with a custom nib from Franklin-Christoph.


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