Survey: Is that ink wet or dry?

Colorverse x Opus88 Ink

Nicole S over on Pen Addict Slack asked me (and other pen community bloggers) to give a shout out for her survey on inks and whether they are wet or dry.

Nicole S is a physicist and has tamed up with a rheologist to look at characteristics of ink. Part of this is determining how people perceive the wetness or dryness of a particular ink.

Her request is simple, just fill out her survey here.

Rank the listed inks on a scale of 1 (extremely dry) to 10 (extremely wet) based on your own experience. If you’ve only used one of the inks, that’s fine, just rank that one. Used a bunch of them? Awesome, rank them all!The more FP users we can get info from, the better we can correlate our rheological results with the subjective ones, so please share the link and encourage your pen friends to participate.

Here’s to advancing ink studies and understanding!

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  1. Neat! I filled it out & posted on BlueSky (and I think it also ended up on the fountain pen feed as well thanks to keywords)

    The survey is a lot of specifically blue ink, which I don’t typically use, but I do have experience with several of them, thankfully.

    Also: Is WAD/Ana on Bluesky (yet?) If not, and any posters here would like, I have 5 invites (or more) available.

      1. ugh, I thought I replied directly to this, but it showed up as a separate comment. I’m a bit overcaffeinated, sorry.

  2. Yes, it’s a small-ish, currently invite-only social media that is basically like how Twitter was in the beginning. I (becoming an Old) find it much easier to use than Masto/slack/discord/etc. I’m sure there’s a lot of details that would help sell it for people, but I just like it because it’s fairly quiet/small-ish still & some really nice people are there. It’s far less divisive than most new social medias have become.

    You can shoot me an email & I can send you an invite code (that goes for anyone looking to sign up, as well). There’s already a pretty active FP/Ink community there, which is nice.

    1. I am on Bluesky and am hoping there will be a good number of FP/ink people showing off their Inkvent swatches in December. I’m still not sure how to find things like that since there are no hashtags and the Feeds concept is pretty opaque to me, but hopefully I can figure it out this month.

      1. I’m (at the moment) if you’d like to add me & I can maybe help with Feeds. I see them basically like channels or hashtags without the actual “#” part.

        If you’re on the iPhone app (can help on desktop, too) If you hit the hamburger button on the left & select “Feeds” it brings up the “Discover New Feeds” menu & if you search “fountain pens” it’ll bring up a curated feed on the top which you can select to view. In order to be able to find it easily, you can tap the pushpin icon at the top to “pin” it to your main feed. Then, when you view your main feed, you can easily switch to the “Fountain Pens” feed to view new posts (or however you have your feeds set to view) that mention Fountain Pens (and find new pen people to add/follow!)

        You may know all this already, but I needed to type it out anyway, so hope this helps someone!

        1. Thanks for your help — I think I’ve managed to find and add the fountain pens feed on Bluesky. Now I’m truly ready for Inkvent.

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