Trick or Treat: Sailor North America decreasing prices on select collections.

Not a trick, maybe a treat? I spied this post a week ago on @sailor.pen.northamerica:

Ana and I mulled this over and came up with many possible reasons for the announcement:

  • The success of the “don’t miss the boat” sale in the last few months?
  • An increase in “grey market” sales where folks are ordering direct from Japan to avoid North American prices?
  • North American retailers having extra Sailor inventory in stock (due to the price increase and folks buying fewer Sailors?

We don’t have any answers, but we wanted to share the news!

P.S. Happy Halloween! If only trick or treating included stationery and supplies!


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  1. Hello Laura!

    Could also be a result of the current exchange rate. Saw a post from someone who said it was prime time to buy direct from Japan based on the weak Yen; however, that only explains a narrow band of retail sales.

    Another Sailor someday ….


  2. Not everyone has Instagram. Please use another way to post photos for those of us who detest social media. Thanks.

    1. I understand that social media isn’t for everyone. However I gave it a quick Google search, and I’m not seeing a press release, or finding the information on another website so the official Instagram announcement is the only thing I have to go on.

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