EDC: Thanksgiving Edition

Every time I get ready to take a trip I have to plan out my knitting and what pens I’m going to take with me. This week we’re on the road, heading to Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We haven’t been able to be all together on the west coast since before the panini, so we’re thrilled to join up again.

I have lots and lots of knitting, but had to think about what I wanted to take with me in the pens and stationery category. It’s not one of our adventure trips, so I don’t think I need a journal. But I will be working on a new project that will ultimately be a knitting pattern I publish as a designer, so I do need a good place to take notes as I work.

Ultimately I settled on a tried and true combination for my EDC Thanksgiving Edition:

  • Unicorn Snot Sinclair – This bag is perfect to grab and go. Slots hold 3 pens (more if you don’t care about them touching) and there’s also a place for a pocket notebook. I’ve also added my driver’s license, credit cards and cash when I want it to double as a wallet.
  • Field Notes Lunacy – I’m not a Field Nut, but I do love a good Field Notes book. I pick up editions here and there, when they speak to me, and they’re perfect for jotting down everything I need to remember.

  • TWSBI Diamond Mini AL Grape – I bought this one over the summer and I have to say it is absolutely one of my favorite writers. I’ve always been a fan of the Eco, but the Diamond Mini fits in my hand super well and is totally comfortable for me to write with. Add to that, it always starts no matter how long it’s been sitting.
  • Kaweco AL Sport Vibrant Violet – This is another pen I can’t put down. Everything I said above applies, plus they’re so cute! And I love the metal bodies.
  • Spoke Roady in Purple – Rounding out the purple collection I’ve got the Spoke Roady in purple. I always carry a ball point/gel pen with me when I travel. I don’t know exactly why since I do prefer the fountain pens, but I think it’s just the ease of having a pen that will write on any surface with  no feathering or bleeding. I also think it’s easier to hand over to someone else on the trip if they’re intimidated by a fountain pen.

So that’s it! That’s what I’m carrying. Will you travel this week? What’s are your favorites to take with you when traveling?

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  1. Safe travels! Since our son only has a few days off, we are planning to go to where he is, and then all go out for dinner. For stationery, I plan to take a small top-bound spiral notebook and a Pokka pen. I prefer ballpoints for on-the-go, and the Pokkas are small and lightweight. Knitting will likely be something that will fit into my smallest bag (the one that’s a repurposed purse).

  2. I am about to travel, with a daily habit of journalling and sketching. On top of that I like to bring watercolours if I am on holiday. Lately I’m favouring a Lochby case with zips on both sides, one side opening like a book to hold 6 to 8 pens in elastic straps, the other side opening as a pocket where I stash odd shaped items and (in a pinch) wallet type stuff.

    Pen and pencil wise, I will probably bring 2 or 3 pens that can go both fine and broad (e.g. Speerpoint, fude, tanto) plus one gel pen (uniball signo 0.5 is excellent – thin, smooth, waterproof).

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