Ink Sneak Peek: Inkdependence x Pennonia Borahae

Once again Mike at Inkdependence has teamed up with Pennonia to create an exclusive ink: Borahae ($13 for a 60ml bottle). I am on a mad kick for purple these days so this sample couldn’t have come at a better time. The ink is a deep rich violet purple with quite a bit of sheen.

Borahae is one sheeny ink!

Inks in order from top to bottom: Pennonia Borahae, Lamy Crystal Azurite, Waterman Tender Purple, Monteverde Mulberry Noir, Taccia Murasaki Purple, Colorverse 53 Haybusa, Diamine Bilberry, and Cross Violet

When compared to similar shades of purple, Borahae stands out as being a lot sheenier than most. While Lamy Azurite has a similar level of sheen, the color hue is different. Azurite is a bluer purple-violet. Borahae has more of a reddish undertone– under all that sheen.

Many of the inks I compared to Borahae, Monteverde Mulberry Noir felt closest but it did not have nearly the amount of sheen that Borahae has. Several of the other colors were brighter and more saturated. Depsite being a deep violet purple, there is something understated and a little dustier about the hue.

You can also add a little bottle of blue shimmer ($9 for 15g bottle) and add as little or a lot to the Borahae to give it a fabulous shine. I think selling the shimmer separate from the ink is a great idea and provides some flexibility to the end user depending on the pen or situation. Sometimes you feel like a little glitter, sometimes you don’t. I hope more companies offer this option.

Exactly how many bottle of purple ink does one person need? (Asking for a “friend”.)

DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this post were provided free of charge for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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    1. Mike did offer this ink some time ago, but I believe he is considering another run. Perhaps we could start a petition to get him to order some more. Or we could offer to hold our breaths until we all pass out.


  1. Has anyone tried Mardi Gras from Fountain Pen Revolution? Purple with a lot of greenish-gold shimmer, fun to use, inexpensive, too.

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