Inkmas Day 12: Vinta Sirena 1952

I’d like to close our 2023 edition of Inkmas with one of my favorite inks: Vinta Sirena 1952 ($14.50 for a 30ml bottle). This ink is all the mermaid-y vibes I could possibly imagine. It makes me want to sing a sea shanty!

Sirena is a complex, multi-chromatic ink with a base of mossy green that can shift to a sandy pink or a darker green depending on how heavy the ink application is. There’s even a little hint of aqua. Once dry it has an aged mossy look.

This ink definitely benefits from a wider nib in order to take advantage of the range of color it creates. Flex nibs, folded nibs, brushes and wide calligraphy nibs will show off this sea witch ink to its best seaweedy, watery light.

Like Armada, finding ink comparisons was a challenge. All three swatches that I pulled lean more green or grey and don’t have the hints of blue that Sirena has. Sirena definitely stands in a class by itself.

From top to bottom: Ferris Wheel Press Moss Park Green, Kala Asbtraction Pigment Ink Sierra Mist, Lennon Tool Bar Atmospheric Firmament and Vinta Sirena 1952.

This color always makes me happy for its unusual quality. It warms my seawater-soaked, mermaid heart.

And with that, another year of Inkmas is in the books. I hope you all enjoyed our deep dive into our ink stashes. Hope you all have a fabulous holiday and we will see you next week!


DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this review were provided free of charge by Vanness Pen Shop for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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