Inkmas Day 11: Vinta Aegan Armada 1944

I remember the fervor and excitement when Vinta released their first inks. The colors were some of the first multi-chromatic inks and the colors were unusual, complex and relatively inexpensive. One of my favorites from the first release was Vinta Aegan Armada 1944 ($14 for a 30ml bottle). The color is a steely blue grey with hints of pinky-lavender and, with heavy application, a deep purply eggplant. There’s also an undercurrent of sea green.

The close-ups above show some of the variation possible with Aegan Armada 1944. Its not just me, right? You want to lick the page too? Such a sugarplum fairy sort of color.

Trying to find an ink color comparison was a challenging. Probably the closest comparison is Troublemaker Petrichor. The hints of green can be found in J. Herbin Vert de Gris and the rare Colorverse Standard Model W Boson. The color accuracy in these photos just does not capture the range of subtlety in all these inks.

In photos, Vinta Aegan and Troublemaker Petrichor look more purple than they appear in real life. This ink is such a mercurial color. Really, your best solution is to order a bottle (or a sample) and try ti for yourself. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


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