Inkmas Day 3: Callifolio Heure Dorée

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When I think of the holidays, I think of the sparkly golds of holiday decorations and the golden glow of candlelight and shimmery cocktails. These golden hues made me think immediately of Callifolio Heure D’orée ($13 for a 35ml bottle). Heure D’orée is not a shimmery ink which I prefer for regular writing but it still has the warm quality of a metallic gold with easy clean up!

As the name describes, the color captures the feeling of the “golden hour” and it is probably my favorite non-metallic gold ink.

Sure, sure, sure, I know most people would reach for KWZ Honey as their favorite golden ink but not me. I find the consistency of Callifolio inks to be great (not to mention the price point!) and works with lots of pens and nibs. Heure D’orée may look too light in a very fine nib pen but will have such a great variety of shading in a wider nib.

Do you ever experiment with golden inks? What’s your favorite?


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