Inkmas #4: Kobe City Museum Gray

Welcome to Inkmas Day 4!

I recently found a gorgeous new color from Kobe – City Museum Gray. The ink looks like  a warm mug of hot chocolate – not just in the swatch, but in writing as well. Depending on your paper, your nib, and the lighting, this ink can appear anywhere from a warm gray to an unsaturated light brown.

The color reminds me of Montblanc Swan Illusion, but City Museum has less yellow in the undertones – very close to a lighter version of Wearingeul Stonecutter’s Song (or Mason’s Song, depending on the translation).

Tomoe River paper (TR7,52gsm) brings out more of the unsaturated nature of the ink and enhances the shading.

Cosmo Air Light (83gsm) paper shows the ink as closer to a brown with gray undertones and maybe a hint of pink as well.

Midori MD paper presents City Museum in—between the colors of the other two paper types — a warm gray with hints of pink, lots of shading possible, and a warm chocolate in the writing.

I love this color for a wintery day – hopefully it will bring a bit of warmth to yours as well!

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