Yarn + Ink: NaKniSweMo Edition

This past November was NaKniSweMo, which I’ve discussed on the blog in past years. Basically, during November when writers are trying to pen a novel of 50K words, us crazy knitters are trying to knit a sweater of 50K stitches.

This year mine is really more of a NaKniSwe-Almost since I’ve still got half a sleeve yet to go on my sweater. But the swoon-worthy teals and greys inspired this week’s Yarn + Ink palette:

For the knitters in the back, I’m knitting Sorrel using a collection of yarns from my stash. Here’a fuller picture of how it looks presently:

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  1. Sorrel looks lovely! Thanks for sharing! This is such a lovely post and I also forwarded it to my wife.

    I just washed and blocked sweater #5 for the year – I had never knit a sweater until this year! Stephen West’s patterns are really well written if you’re looking for another once Sorrel is finished. Happy knitting (and writing!)

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