California Pen Show Wrap-Up

Another pen show is now in the past – the California/LA pen show. Last week I joined the Dromgooles and Ana “Well-Appointed Desk” Reinert for several days in LA surrounded by pens, ink, paper, and an amazing group of people.

However, California wasn’t as sunny as I thought it would be…

Inside the hotel, however, I found Ana’s sunny face!

Of course, we had to dress alike. It’s important to pick a dress with pockets.

Ink. Everywhere. It’s hard to believe that the two and a half shelves of Wearingeul ink were eventually reduced to barely half of a single shelf.

Ink shelves are so beautifully neat and tidy just before the start of a pen show!


Stay tuned – the Baltimore show is the next stop over on the opposite coast starting March 1. Who will be joining us?

My question for everyone here – I have stood much new ink to fit into one single post. What should I review first? Wearingeul Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Anna Karenina, or Persephone? Ferris Wheel Press Sugar and Spite, ColorVerse Blue Dragon, Dominant Industry Old Man and the Sea, or Lamy Blackberry?

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  1. Now I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but people are funny creatures. I think I’m less intrigued by an object than how people are intrigued by that object. A pen show is as fascinating to me as a screwdriver show.

    Pen’s are useful tools, and it is important to use the right tool for the task. I find the flow of ink out of the fountain pen generally better than a ballpoint pen for the most part. Maybe it’s the hunt for the right tool? I do have more than one pen, but I usually grab for the first available depending on the task, as I would for a screwdriver or a cup.

    I like that people are writing, or drawing, and what people are writing and drawing more than what they are using to write or draw. Maybe I’m stepping on toes and have no business being here, but the right tool that works is more important than the tool that looks good, and is crap, like the keyboard on this phone ( I’m not getting a new phone). Anyway thanks for letting me rant, and I’ll see you at the next screwdriver show, er I mean insert fascination here..

    1. My husband finds pen shows absurd too. Everyone has their hobby and personal interests and that’s okay.

      I think many people looking for a beautiful pen at a show are also looking for one that is also extremely functional.

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