Mid-Year Replacement: Hobonichi April Start

If you missed the opportunity to order a Hobonichi in the Fall or your current planner set-up is not quite what you hoped it would be, have you considered purchasing an April Start Hobonichi? According to JetPens: “The April Start Hobonichi Techo was originally made for Japanese students, who start school in April.” While you may not be starting school, an April Start Hobonichi may be just the thing to get you back on track with your journaling, planning or other note-keeping.

There are also special edition covers available at the April kick-off that were not available in the Fall. If you are browsing on the Hobonichi website, be sure to look for the “APR START” text in the details below the image.


If you are interested in purchasing the Hobonichi April Start Book,  it’s only available in Japanese. I know many people who do not speak Japanese who have done just fine with the Japanese language Hobonichi. You may have to use Google Translate for the quotes on each page but the days of the week and months are in English so you will be able to find your place pretty easily.

Many online shops still have January Start Hobonichis available. JetPens has the standard A6 2024 Hobonichi in English ($42) still in stock, for example. You can just doodle in January with ink tests and start in on February. Many US-based online shops (and UK and Europe) should be listing the April Start Hobonichi options in the next week or so as well so browse on the official web site and then make your purchases a little closer to home to save on postage.

Whatever you decided to do, its never too late to start over, start again or start fresh.

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