Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Perkeo Limited Edition Infrared

As I think I’ve mentioned, I LOVE the Kaweco AL Sport. So when I was browsing JetPens a few weeks ago, the Kaweco Perkeo caught my eye. I don’t know how I missed it before, but the limited edition Infrared ($28.50) was too interesting not to order one!

The Perkeo is modeled after the ever popular Sport pen, just in full size. It generally comes with a plastic barrel and the faceted cap, and a steel nib. The Infrared edition has the additional feature of being translucent, so you can see your ink inside!

The biggest “perk” to the Perkeo (forgive me!) is that it is a full size pen so it can accommodate a full size converter. While there is a smaller converter for the Sport, most folks just use cartridges. And given that I have a drawer full of ink bottle, this seems like a good option.

The model seems red, but I admit I also think it looks awfully close to my Franklin Christoph Pocket 20 in Salmon Glow. Which coincidentally, is roughly between the Sport and Perkeo size-wise so I’ve included it here.

What happened next in my review is that the day got away from me and I didn’t have a chance to look at a writing sample until later in the evening. I admit the picture below is totally terrible and I debated even adding it here because many of you know how a Kaweco steel nib writes.

Suffice it to say, the Perkeo is easy to hold in the hand, very lightweight (15g capped) and kind of a fun pen. Pricing for this limited edition puts it nearer to a TWSBI Eco or Lamy Safari, and I think it holds its own in comparison to those two.

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  1. I got mine last year and had a lot of fun trying to find an ink to match the intensity. It isn’t easy! The closest I came to an ideal match is either Taccia Momo or Sailor Ink Studio #731. The pen itself has an odd orangey-glow along with the blue undertones that make it hard to match, but those two inks (out of about 25) seemed to be closest & also are VERY glowy.

    Here’s a link to the BlueSky post (which is now open?) showing the process/ink matches:

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