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While in Baltimore, I was able to speak to Bryce at Luxury Brands, the US Distributor for Endless products about the Endless Recorder notebook (A5, $24.99) featuring the Regalia paper. He mentioned that the manufacturer had retooled the paper to try to address some of the issues with the first batch, specifically the absorpu8tion of hand oils that then rejected ink. This was a big issue for a lot of folks so Endless applied new coatings to the paper to help reduce this issue.

I grabbed a new version of the notebook to test it and see if I had different results than in our original review (see also our previous Regalia vs. Cosmo Air Light review).

Overall the structure and extras included with the notebook have not changed. It comes with a plasticky guide sheet, two ribbon bookmarks and a thank you card. The standard A5 size is available in lined, dot grid, graph and blank and features the same number of pages (192pp) and elastic closure. The only adjustment was made to the paper coating, its still the same 80gsm Regalia Paper.

Since I was specifically looking for ink resistance, I tested a wide assortment of pens from gel to fountain to felt tip and brush. I wanted to cover the whole page so that my hand was laying on the whole sheet, really rub that hand moisture in (says the girl with bone dry, ice cold hands… but hey! efforts were made!)

But my discovery was actually a slightly longer dry time for the inks, hence the smudges around the Pentel Touch Brush Pen tests. Can you believe it?!?! This is probably not as a big an issue for right handed people but artists, sketchers and lefties might want to be warned that there could potentially be a protracted dry time. If you’re used to some of the other premium fountain pen papers like Tomoe River, it won’t be a surprising characteristic but one you should be aware about, just in case. No one likes unintentional smudges!

The transfer or show through on the back was minimal overall and both sides of the paper can be used with most daily writing tools. There is a little show through but I had no issues with bleed through with the samll assortment of tools I tested.

Is the change a vast improvement? For some, I think definitely. For me, I’m still not crazy about this paper. There’s a bit of a powdery feel to it and not in a toothy, texture-y way. If you’ve ever tried stone paper,  I feel like the Regalia paper has a similar tactile quality. It’s not stone paper but it was the only comparison I could come up with, So, the short answer is that Regalia still hasn’t moved into my top 5 papers. It ticks all the boxes for most people though and the improved ink adherence will only advance their favor.

Do you use Regalia paper? Do you have issues with dry time or ink resistance? Would you consider trying it if you haven’t yet?

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Endless Stationery for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I purchased a Regalia notebook a year ago and it was my least favorite notebook. I typically use Tomoe River and like the sheening properties. Regalia isn’t even close. You didn’t comment on whether the new coating helps or hinders sheening so I hope you do in a future edition. I doubt that I will purchase the new notebook as there are plenty of good notebooks out there and I’ve just started making my own notebooks.

  2. No thanks; not interested. I have too many unused notebooks with paper I know I like to spend $25 on paper that sounds tetchy.

  3. Works fine for me. I have the pad and I’m used to waiting. I’m not writing page after page in quick succession. If I were, I wouldn’t use a fountain pen and would choose a different paper.

  4. I love it. It’s one of my favourite paper – not sure if I’m in the minority but sometimes it feels like it.
    I’ve had issues with hand oils once. Since I have a blotting paper under my hand. I tend to use something under my hand on most paper these days. The regalia paper is not the only one I’ve had this issue with.

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