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While recovering from my awful cold last week, I also turned my life upside down. I put in my notice to quit my real jobby-job to do focus on being a pen nerd, freelance designer and general layabout full-time. I will have completed my transition sometime in Mid-April.

Being a full-time entrepreneur is something I’ve always wondered if I could make work and I finally realized, “If not now, when?” So, the good news, for you my lovely readers, is that I will be able to put more time and energy into new stationery products, more pen shows, and more content here and on Patreon. Yes, really! You are now my job!

I have lots of plans for new projects and I am looking forward to the future. I hope you will too. If there’s any reviews, content, extras or new products you’ve always wanted to see from The Desk, drop your suggestions in the comments or email me (use the “Ask the Desk” link to email me, if you want to be sneaky or if you want to hire me to design logos, products, collabs or anything!).



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  1. Ultramega-bonus props on your courage and moxie! Wishing you all the best in the future adventures of Maven of the Desk!

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