Follow-Up: Endless & Ajoto Notebooks

Last week, I wrote reviews about the new Ajoto Pocket Paper Notebooks and the newly updated Endless Recorder Regalia notebooks. Having written these while I was ill I was not as thorough in my reviews as I normally try to be. Luckily, kind readers requested some additional details about the paper performance so I thought I’d do a little follow-up specifically about how these two products handle fountain pen inks.

Ajoto Pocket Paper Notebooks:

Let’s start with the Ajoto Pocket Paper Notebooks. The full review included regular daily writing samples but I forgot to do big swatchy ink tests. How doe sthe paper handle shading, sheening or dual-chromatic inks?

Above are samples in the Ajoto No. 1, the all-arounder paper. Inks sheened as expected, shading showed clearly and multi-chromatic inks behaved as I hoped.

The above two images are the Ajoto No. 2 which is the paper recommended as fountain pen-friendly. The Colorverse 2024 Blue Dragon appeared a bit darker than on the Ajoto No. 1 but overall, the inks all showed their special qualities as well.

Finally, the Ajoto No. 3 which is the thickest, art paper also showed all the necessary characteristics of the inks. Sheen? Check. Shading? Check. Multi-chromatic? Check.

When viewed from the back, in order from left to right, the No. 2 had the most issue with show through/bleed through. The No. 3 had the least show through but the No. 1 also worked well from the back.

So, from an ink usage perspective, all three Ajoto papers worked well with fountain pen inks.

Endless Recorder Follow-Up:

I used the same inks to test the Endless Recorder with new coating. The inks sheened, shaded and dual-chromed as anticipated but even in the short time I was testing the page the ink resistance problem reared its ugly head. I even attempted to apply a second coat and the ink still resisted.

When reviewed from the back, there was a little show through and a few dots of bleed through.

Overall, I continue to be a little disappointed in the overall performance of the Regalia paper.

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  1. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. As always very informative. Ajoto #2 continues bad behavior. I have a Regalia pad that I’ve managed to misplace. I use B and BB nibs and don’t recall any issues. However, I just use nibs and don’t swatch.

  2. I’m sorry the Regalia paper showed such resistance. It would really be a problem for myself, as I have really oily skin. I wash my hands immediately before I sit down to write and still have problems with papers like Regalia. I’m sorry Regalia paper evidenced this issue, but I’m glad I know about it. Thank you!

    1. Does blotter paper work for you? Or a thick paper that can cover the entire page except for writing. I would suggest gloves but those have yet to take the stationary world by storm.

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