Giveaway Winner: Lamy AL-Star vs Safari

In the hotly debated Safari vs AL-Star I think the Aquatic AL-Star squeaked past the rest but there were lots of shoutouts for the Safari Violet Blackberry as well. Early in voting, it looked like the AL-Star Fiery was a real contender and the Safari Pink Cliff had lots of votes too. Overall, the votes were pretty evenly divided.

Here’s how the voting broke out:

  • Aquatic -22
  • Violet Blackberry – 17
  • Fiery  -15
  • Pink cliff -10
  • AL-Star-8
  • Safari – 4
  • Undecided -3

So, the AL-Star Aquatic won but just by a few votes over the Violet Blackberry. If I tally all the Safari votes and all the AL-Star votes, it breaks out to 45 votes for AL-Star to 31 votes for Safari.

This year seems to be a #ALStarAlways year. Congrats, Team AL-Star. Better luck next year, Safari fans.

So, what did the winner of the giveawaay drawing select?

A Safari! Maybe this is Safari’s year afterall!

Thanks to everyone who voted and a big congrats to Carolyn! Also, thanks to JetPens for sponsoring this giveaway!


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