Ink Review: Robert Oster Peach

I only have a few more ink samples in my quest to find the perfect peach fuzz ink for 2024. I can let you know that not only did I buy one sample twice (oops!), none of them are going to give us that ethereal look like the Pantone color. And today’s color is no exception.

Robert Oster Peach (50mL, $18) is all that a ripe juice peach should be, with lovely orange shading. It screams of summer and stone fruits and peach bellinis (my favorite!) and vibrant, lovely orange. It is not that delicate peach fuzz, but it is lovely just the same.

The ink shades lightly with various nibs, and those gorgeous splotches are ink are orange perfection.

When it comes down to it, I have a few things in my ink swatches that come close. Lamy Bronze is actually quite close. It’s a little more yellow, and has more shading depth on the light end, but the colors are very close. J. Herbin Orange Indien is another close match. I thought Mont Blanc Lucky Orange might be close, but it’s brighter than the others. There’s a subtle dusty note in the Peach and Orange Indien.

I’ll say it now. I’ve never really been an orange person, but as I see these deeper, more sophisticated tones, I’m finding there’s a lot to like about orange. And give me a juicy peach color any day!

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  1. So far I haven’t found a perfect match either. Seems to me that someone would either make an ink or advertise their match as Pantone does this annually.

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