Journaling: A Q2 Check-in

I feel like Ana and I are sort of running on the same wavelength. Each month she prepares for a new month by pulling out her best supplies, and making small changes based on what worked the previous month.

I decided that since we’re just past April 1 (no fooling!) that I’d check in and share how my journaling project is going. January and February were GREAT! I wrote in my journal most days and developed a look and feel I enjoyed. There was washi tape, there were different colors of ink, and I think I captured some great moments and thoughts.

And then in March the wheels fell off a bit. I still recorded things, but I wrote on fewer than half the days in the month. I’m not sure quite what happened. Work did get really busy so my days were full, but I just didn’t sit down and do it. I’m hoping to get April back on track.

March was fairly tame, but I even experimented with a bit of ink wash/water color for April!

The journal I’m using is a Notebook Therapy Tsuki ‘Kinoko’ Limited Edition Bullet Journal ($27.98). You can find my review here.

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