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With just days left at my jobby-job, I see both adventure and (a little) terror in my future. I have been making lists of projects big and small to tackle in the coming weeks and months. Some would say that I am starting a new chapter, but it feels like I am opening the first pages of a new book of my life. What first steps would you take if you had a chance to start a new chapter (or new book) of your life?




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  1. “What first steps would you take if you had a chance to start a new chapter (or new book) of your life?”
    For me, a new chapter starts with having clear goals with the knowledge they may change because we never know our what the universe has in store for us. I’d make a list that would have items I could compete in a day so I would get some immediate satisfaction along with the more time intensive and longer-term goals that would take time to complete. And I’d use the reminder feature on the phone for tasks to be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There is something very satisfying about marking these reminders as completed. I’d also journal my process too. Above all, I’d remember to have some fun. Best wishes in your new chapter of life!

  2. I think it’s most important to just get going. There’s a real danger to overthink everything and spend too much time setting up goals and processes.

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