Link Love: Visiting the Supply Closet

My pal and fellow stationery lover, Felicia Koloc, held the Grand Opening celebration of her itty bitty stationery shop, Supply Closet, on Saturday. Its in Kansas City, KS, just across the state line in a small residential neighborhood and tucked into a literal closet inside the Garden House Cafe. The shop is lovely and the opportunity to grab a delicious coffee surrounded by plants make the trip 100% worth it. The Supply Closet is open anytime the Garden House Cafe is open.

If you’re in the Kansas City area or passing through, its worth a trip to the shop. Don’t forget to grab a delicious coffee while you’re there.

The exterior of The Garden House Cafe
My pal Madeline agreed to be a model for scale. The shop really is a closet!
Beautifully organized and curated, The Supply Closet is a feast for the eyes and a ding to the wallet!
Owner Felicia ringing up a happy customer!




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