Sticky Note Day: Mofusand Sticky Notes Stand – Cat / Shark Dance

Did I once say “no kawaii” products? I lied.

I found the Mofusand characters a couple years back and scored a plush cat-in-a-costume critter from Enigma Stationery at a pen show last year so when I found the Dancing Shark sticky note pad ($9.99), I couldn’t resist. First, the Mofusand cat characters are a charming cross between Grumpy Cat and Sanrio with a dash of the ridiculous. This particular pad features a cat ina. shark costume doing a can-can dance. I mean, really! How can I resist?

The Mofusand Sticky Notes Stand (Cat/ Shark Dance $9.99) has a top flap cover to protect the paper inside. The cover also locks into the back slot to make it a stand-up table top pad and there is an additional diecut that can be folded up to show off can-can shark cat at the top.

As for the paper?… miraculously fountain pen friendly.

Yes, there’s a bit of bleed and show through on the back of the sheet using fountain pens but who really uses the back of a sticky note anyway? I seldom do. Overall though, there was no beading or ink resistance on the front of the paper stock which is a great sign.  Not to mention, can-can shark cats!

Don’t make Mofusand grumpier, grab a notepad and spread the love for fountain pen friendly sticky notes!

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