First Look: Lamy Safari Summer Editions

This weekend we were treated to a preview of the new Lamy Safari summer editions: Cherry Blossom and Pina Colada!

Lamy Safari Pina Colada (a blue pen with yellow grip and clip) and Cherry Blossom (a pink pen with red grip and clip).

While the colors certainly look summer fresh, Ana and I couldn’t decide if we were yay or nay. We joked about the rumor that they’re putting together random parts in inventory to make new color combos. I will say I like them more than the Strawberries and Cream editions of 2022, and maybe better than the Spring editions of last year. What do you think?

Want a closer look? Check out Yoseka’s YouTube Video:

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  1. Honestly, even if they are just sticking random parts together, I’m happy to see them putting together combos instead of sticking to just solid colors. There are only so many solid color editions you can put together until you start getting too close to others.

  2. I wish the Pina Colada would’ve been cream with the yellow. Seems more appropriate.
    So happy to see the dual colors return. Hoping that they revive the “Fire” (orange pen/section, red clip & finial, black nib).

  3. I bought the Pina Colada and I love it. None of the pictures I’ve seen online do justice to just how bright the colors are – this pen really pops! They’re like 1980s Converse All Stars colors! I replaced the stock nib with a Lamy cursive nib and this is now my pen for studying Japanese and Korean.

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