Ink Review: Ferris Wheel Press, Definitely Peachy

I have just a few more new-to-me inks to sample/review in my ongoing quest to find peach inks that relate to the Pantone color for the year. I would say today’s ink is of mixed success. I think it might actually come closest to what I was looking for (though it is still missing that ethereal band-aid yellow tinge). However, it is also so light in many nibs that it’s virtually unreadable. Some compromise eh?

Today’s ink is Ferris Wheel Press’s Definitely Peachy ink (38mL for $22). This is delightfully pinky peach ink that shades a bit, and yet still remains light and fresh. The ink performs decently well. It’s not too dry, or too wet. What I do find, though, is that unless it’s in a heavier nib, it’s really too light to be easily readable.

Those dots and shades are so tempting – luscious, juicy, pinky peach and I love them.

In terms of other inks I have that compare, Pen Saijiki Syurei and Pennonia Ragi Bubblegum are the closest. I think Ragi Bubblegum is just ever so slightly darker, and Syurei is a bit redder and more readable. But they’re all pretty close.

My final remarks? I don’t know. I found a GORGEOUS tonal ink that shades beautifully in larger application. Were I painting peaches I’d be thrilled. But I’m not a painter and I mostly use my inks in fountain pens with fine nibs, so this is one I’d probably skip if I’m looking for legibility.

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  1. I tend to like the Coral colors best. Inkebara Coral, FWP Wonderland in Coral most especially. I have the Bubblegum you referenced. I find it to be so pale, I struggle to enjoy it and may let it go.

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