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The big news this week in the pen community is the release of the Diamine Inkvent Purple edition colors in full -sized bottles and Lamy announcing a summer collection of Safari pens. However, in the online community, Meta’s AI policy is causing quite a flutter. Many creative folks are abandoning or transitioning away from Instagram and Facebook following the announcement that Meta will be using creator content to train their AI engines and there is no clear way to opt out — at least not in the US. I can understand the impulse to leave these platforms as they continue to use work of creators for their own benefit. Where do you stand on this issue?

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  1. Uncontrolled AI bothers me. Too much of what we see already is not real. I’m even more bothered with the uncontrolled gathering of user data from on line sites. It’s why I will never play a game or answer “innocent” questions in on line surveys and questionnaires.

  2. I’m surprised that so many people are still using IG and Facebook, to be honest. I left both in 2016 after the fallout re: allowing researchers access to user data without explicit permission and allowing bad actors to spread misinformation and disinformation so easily. Despite Congressional hearings and all kinds of press statements, I came away with the impression that Facebook prioritizes user privacy only to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with their desire to “own” the web via a private space that they fully control, and the twin goal of capturing as much revenue as possible. They’ve done little to prove otherwise in the last 8 years, and I’ve no reason to believe they’ll ever change. They’re a corporation — they’re never going to love us.

    In a way I’m glad that this is leading folks to flee the platform, and I hope that the bleeding continues. I would love blogging to come back: people own their spaces, fully control their corner of the web, and can take their toys elsewhere (via site migrations, domain migrations, etc.) whenever they choose. Of course, I’m biased haha (I work for but open source and the open web is the strongest weapon we have against the continued privatization of the internet.

    But on a different note, yay, purple inks!

  3. I wish anything that is AI would be labeled as such for as long as it is on our screens.

    I’ve never been on IG because Meta owns it. Please, all who love photography, come or come back to Flickr. It’s never included in giveaways, but if more people go to Flickr, maybe it will be. In a Karas Kustoms’ email, it was lamented that IG was increasingly unsearchable. I replied to the email that Flickr was searchable. I did get a reply, but deleted it.

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