Fountain Pen Review: Sailor Pro Gear Slim Follow The Mermaid

As the prices for some of the limited edition Sailors have come down over the last few months, I was finally able to snag one of the Follow The Mermaid models for $200. I was debating between the Storm Over the Ocean and the Follow the Mermaid designs and with only a $36 price difference between the Slim versions, the deciding factor ended up being my nail polish color choice last week.

Unfortunately, the polish didn’t last until this week but I did manage to snag a Kuromi Pen Case ($25) which (strangely) ended up being a perfect match and perfectly fit into my Hello Kitty Island Adventure game life.

The pen is a wonderful mix-up of translucent aqua, misty lavender purple with glitter and seashell white end caps. The silver hardware and two-tone nib add the required bling for a mermaid princess.

Like all the other Sailor Pro Gear Slim fountain pens, this pen features a 14K nib and I got the HF nib which I’ve determined is my favorite Sailor nib. I love, love, love this nib and its the nib I use to compare all other nibs. Not to mention I love that Sailor 14K nibs are smooth but also provides a little friction, like a perfect pencil. Maybe that’s why I love the Sailor 14K nibs so much? The eversharp pencil but ink?

The next challenge was choosing just the right ink color to pair with this stunning pen. Even with my massively pared down ink collection, I found seven strong candidates: three aqua/teals — one with purple shimmer! — two purple/violets and two purply-grey colors.

Honestly, I could swap out inks in this pen for the rest of the year and be a happy little mermaid queen.

Which one would you pick?

I picked the VanDieman’s Underwater Parrot Fish ($17) because the name was appropriately aquatic and the color included shimmer that coordinated with the pen as well, even though the fine nib only shows those particles ever now and again. Its a perfect match to the cap color so even if the shimmer doesn’t show, the color is still super-aquatic and summery.

I am looking forward to trying a couple of the other color matches in the coming months. I think the Follow The Mermaid will make its way to the top of favorite pen list for sure.

Are you a Mermaid or a Storm Chaser? Which of the limited edition Sailor pens would you purchase?

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