Planner Status: May to June Set-Up

For June, my theme for my daily planning and journaling pages is Roses and Honeysuckle. I had tons of stickers and washi tape with roses but I had to actually research online to find out what honeysuckle flowers look like. I found a few plants in the Botanist’s Sticker Anthology that are probably honeysuckle or close enough for my purposes.

My rationale for the theme is that roses and honeysuckle are associated with the birth month of June and since its the month of my birth, I figured I’d embrace it. I considered doing the gems and anything else I could find but decided I might be setting an unnecessarily complicated precedent so I settled on the flowers. I already know my theme for July will be different so I’m glad I just went with a flower theme this month.

As I’ve established in previous months this year, I went through some of my washi tapes, sticker books and loose bits and pulled out a few sheets that directly related to my theme so that I had curated a small assortment in advance of the month to make the act of jazzing up my pages easy and fun and not an occasion for analysis paralysis. Pick a theme, pick some stickers, go! Next month, I pick a new theme. I’m forcing myself to be more decisive. Life’s too short to waffle.

My pen selections are remarkably similar to May. I swapped out onne or two that didn’t really get used and added in a couple different ones but mostly, my pens and inks remained consistent. It meant I didn’t have to clean out my pens and that I was pretty happy with my choices last month.

The Pen List:

The Supply List:

As I continue to use up my stash of washi tape most are no longer available or are so old I don’t remember when or where they were purchased them. If you are looking for new sources for washi,  I recommend MT brand above all others but I’ve been known to buy small sets of themed tape from Amazon or any of the many many options available from JetPens.

While the list doesn’t look like I have pared back my materials, I try to be choosy about how many elements I add and use each month. I don’t want to overwhelm myself or make anything too complicated.

My advice if you are starting out is to pick a couple rolls of washi tape, ONE sticker book or sticker pack and some method to add a calendar of your choice — whether that is a sticker sheet, labels or a stamp. Add in one or two pens or markers and call it good. Less is more. You can always glue in papers, ephemera and other bits throughout the month as you find them, even press in a flower, clover or other bit to add to your personal story.

Okay, you want a video walkthrough? Here it is:

Intro and outro music for the above video  by Miyagisama from Pixabay

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