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I don’t remember where or how I stumbled across Stickii, the sticker subscription club, but boy, am I glad I did. Over the Memorial Day week, they had a big, blow-out sale and I was able to purchase a metric ton (okay, a slight exaggeration but a lot of stickers just the same). or individual sticker sheets as well as pick up several of there previous sticker club sets.

I do have to warn you that it took almost 3 weeks to get my order. I understand that I placed a rather large order and I was probably not the only person who took advantage of their generous sale. However, waiting over 2 weeks to receive a shipping notification is  a bit extreme. If there had been clear information about shipping delays or a follow-up email, I would be less grumpy but as someone who ships on a daily basis, I get up early to make sure orders are filled and out the door since I don’t have much control once the orders leave my hands. Is it too much to hope that other small businesses do the same?

If you go into your purchase knowing order fulfillment and shipping is slow, then you won’t be disappointed. I think if you participate in their monthly subscription programs ($12 per month plus shipping per style), then the shipping expectations would be very different and less annoying since everyone probably gets their monthly orders at the same time.

All of that aside, the designs, quality and packaging was top notch.

I purchased loose sticker sheets ($3.50 per sheet), die cut vinyl stickers (approx. $2 each) and a few clear polymer stamps ($2.50 each). I also purchased several of the packaged “past subscription” kits ($17.95 each set). I clearly favored the POP style packs as that was all the past kits that I purchased. The other kit styles are VINTAGE and CUTE.

Each kit comes in an envelope and includes an A5 binder sheet with all the pieces from the kit tucked into the front and back pockets. Each kit includes several sticker sheets (most of the kits I purchased had 6 different sheets) and a small notepad. Kits included a polymer rubber stamp, a diecut vinyl sticker and/or a greeting card in addition to the sticker sheets. I was tickled that these extras were all included into the 6-hole A5 binder sleeves. There is also a small triangular sticker set to add to your binder sleeve corner to label the collection making it easier to find just the right sticker assortment.

One binder sleeve could easily be tucked into the back of an A5 Filofax or other binder so that you had quick access to your favorite collection on a daily basis. Stickii does sell extra binder sheets in sets of 5 sheets ($4 per set) which I might order to store the extra sticker sheets I purchased and some of the stickers I’ve acquired from other makers.

The collection shown above is the Coffee with Friends Kit ($17.95).

I particularly like the die cut coffee cup-shaped notepad. Today, all projects require skull-levels of coffee. I did not test any of the notepads for fountain pen friendliness. Just touching the paper, I could tell it was pretty thin and is unlikely to be fountain pen friendly. That’s okay, I have a drawer full of gel pens and such that don’t get a lot of use these days and now I have an excuse to use those.

I added the individual past kits that I purchased into the clear A5 binder I purchased a few weeks ago (It’s like I knew I was going to need it!).  I have attached the corner stickers to label each kit:

Even as “past kits” the value of the sets is much better than purchasing items individually. Subscriptions are the absolute best way to go, pricewise,  if you think you’ll like all or most of the sticker sheets included in each kit.

I did buy a few extra sheets of stickers included in the kits because I knew I would use them up quickly and I don’t want to hoard them. I will use them!!!

I can’t believe how happy these stickers and kits have made me. The art is fantastic, there is such a wonderful variety or sticker materials: some have gold foil, some are washi paper, some are clear and others die cut to look like postage stamps.

Despite slow shipping, I can’t help but highly recommend Stickii stickers. I might even invest in a subscription or two as these are such wonderful mailbox delights. And my planner is gonna look so cool next month!

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  1. I ADORE Stickii. I’ve had so much fun with them, and the subscription service really is delightful. I love how easy it is to skip a month too if the stickers don’t appeal.
    I’ve also found shipping to be a bit frustrating, but I ultimately don’t care that much!

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