Sailor Jentle Peche (spoiler alert – it’s not peach!)

Recently Ana handed me a few more samples for the “peach files” that I’ve been putting together this year. But the spoiler is that today’s ink isn’t peach at all, it’s pink! I find that particularly confusing, because I assumed Sailor Jentle Pêche meant peach (pêche means peach in French). On the other hand the phrase “a la peche” can also mean to go fishing in French, so maybe this a pink fish color?

Whatever the name means, it’s pink! Pêche is a cool, slightly bluish pink that looks almost dusty. It shades nicely, and maybe there’s a bit of a gold sheen in the darker spots.

It’s beautiful for writing, and I can’t believe I’ve never played with it before. I love pinkish-red inks!

In terms of comparisons, it is closest to my swatch of Tono & Lims Kaleidoscope Maboroshi, but even that is more red. Ban Mi Rose Red is redder and darker. And KWZ Raspberry (another favorite pink) is definitely too pink and much more intense.

So this one definitely isn’t peach, but I’m going to love it anyway!

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  1. Pêches de vigne, small peaches that were historically grown between vineyards rows, hence being smaller and with a darker, pinkier flesh… just like that ink!

  2. This looks like such a pretty ink! I’m a big fan of darker, more reddish pink inks. My current favourite is Robert Oster Dusky Pink, but that one leans a little more purple than red.

  3. How does this compare to Sailor Shikiori Sakura-Mori? Could it be a re-brand of this ink! Or similar to the whole Apricot->Kin-Mokusei thing?

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