Noodler’s Ink acquired some new-old-stock vintage inks with patriotic labels.  The term “V-mail” appeard on the labels which seemed to relate to WWII. So they did a little reverse engineering and created some modern interpretations complete with war-themed names like GI Green, Mandalay maroon and Operation Overlord Orange and Army Air Corp and RAF planes silhouetted on the bottles. This ink is oozing with vintage style and appeal but modern water-resistance.

(via Jet Pens)

KUM pocket scissors

Kum Pen-style Scissors are the coolest little invention. Pop the cap to reveal the scissor points and then push the black sliders too create handles and voila! pocketable scissors that take up no more space than a Sharpie. Kum is known for the quality of the pencil sharpeners so I knew the blades of these scissors would be sharp and precise and I was not wrong. Well worth the investment, just don’t forget they are in your bag before you get to the airport.