Review: Zebra Mildliner Pen in Mild Green

Zebra Mildliner Pen

Some days, I want to highlight text without blinding myself. This is only a problem that a connoisseur of pens would suffer. Who could solve this dilemma for me? The Japanese of course with the Zebra Mildliner brand of highlghters. Or would you call them lowlighters?

I added a “mild green” Mildliner ($1.50 each) in my cart with my last purchase to try it out but there 15 colors to choose from including a grey which seems perpetually sold out.

Zebra Mildliner Mild Green

Anyway, the Zebra Mildliners combine all the functionality of a standard highlighter like dual tip and the ability to highlight or underline printed text from books or printouts as well as over handwritten notes in a variety of different tools. The only issues I found highlighting over handwritten text was with my fountain pens. All those standard school tools like a Sakura Pigma Micron, Sharpie Pen or pencil did not smudge at all. Compared with a standard highlighter grabbed at random out of the nearest pen cup, the Mildliner had noticeably less smudging over handwritten notes. This would probably be equally beneficial with ink jet copies as well.

The simple logo and overall look of this pen is also a win for me. Its a nice looking highlighter. Just because a pen highlights does not mean it needs to look like a highway safety cone from the outside, no?

I will definitely be collecting more of these Mildliners. Maybe I should just purchase one of the 5-pack sets, like the Cool & Refined ($8.25)?

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  1. Unless you’re getting the set specifically so you can get grey, it’s almost a dollar cheaper to get the midliners individually (1.50 x 5 = 7.50). If you get two sets, you’ve bought ten pens for the price of eleven. Not sure how they can justify the extra $0.75, except as packaging…

  2. I love the mild violet. Reviewers really seemed to like the gray a lot, it might be worth a set to get your hands on this rather elusive color.

    Did you find the tips to be hard, as some reviewers said? I don’t see why it would be a problem. I’d prefer hard to squishy. (and I’m talking pens here…. that sounded odd.)

  3. I bought the cool and refined set to get the grey one, and it was life changing. I cannot seem to articulate why such a simple thing as a grey highlighter brings me so much joy each day, but it does. I use all the others, as well. I bought a set of off black Uni Signos that I pair with one of the Mildliners each day, at work. Nothing looks quite as nice as a micro tip black gel pen with a grey highlighter, though.

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