Re-review: Kaweco Sport Guilloch 1935 Fountain Pen

Kaweco Guilloch 1935 F nib

Back in November, I saw the new Sport N Clip style clip from Kaweco and thought that it would be perfect with my well-loved Kaweco Sport Guilloch 1935 pen. I ordered the clip and, somehow, in between the time I ordered the clip and it arriving, I lost my Guilloch 1930 (see comments for explanation of naming incosistencies). I looked high and low thinking I might have left it in a pocket but after a month of searching I had to admit it was gone for good. Luckily, Fontoplumo still had the pen in stock and my darling husband worked with Frank to get me a replacement in time for Christmas.

Kaweco Guilloch 1935 F nib

What makes this pen particularly special is the geometric lines engraved into the plastic. Its a technique called guilloché that has been used for centuries to create decorative patterns into metal, wood and other materials. The way that the engraving was done on this pen is very reminiscent of art deco designs hence the “1935” name. The engraving is on the cap and on the back half of the barrel though with regular use, I wore most of the guilloché off the body of my previous pen. I was not gentle with the previous Guilloch 1930 though. It spent most of its life in my pocket or tossed in my purse so it held up well despite the abuse.

Kaweco Guilloch 1935 F nib

This one, though, I think will get a slightly nicer treatment. Maybe a nice carrying case this time?

The addition of the curved, retro clip only adds to the overall vintage look of this pen, I think.

Kaweco Guilloch 1935 F nib

Kaweco Guilloch 1935 F nib writing sample

Writing with the new Guilloch are consistent with the previous model. I got this one with the F nib rather than the EF nib because I don’t notice a huge difference between the two on the Kaweco line.

If you’ve got a soft spot for a truly vintage looking pen with all the modern conveniences of a cartridge-filler, this is a pen to add to your collection. The price is reasonable and the stocks are limited.

The Kaweco Sport Guilloch 1935 is still available through Fontoplumo for 22,95 € (about $26US).

PS: The Private Reserve Sherwood Forest ink cartridge I used was kindly sent to me by the fine folks at Lanier Pens.

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  1. I’m a bit confused, is this a 1935 or a 1930? You use 1935 in the title and the copy, 1930 in the writing sample and the first link in your review is for a 1935 but click on it and it goes to a review from March, 2012 of a 1930 pen.

    Are there two pens, a 1935 and a 1930? can you clarify this?



    1. According to Kaweco, its just called the Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Guilloche Fountain Pen. But according to all those retailers, whose opinions I trust, its the 1930. Sorry, for the confusion. I was getting confused too.

      After some conversation with Frank at Fontoplumo, it seems that the information is pretty inconsistent. There are a couple mentions from Kaweco of 1935, most American distributors call it the 1930 though. So…. it’s confusing but the package from Kaweco was labelled 1930, so let’s go with that.

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