Call for Entries: Link Love

rp_link-ana.jpgFollowing yesterday’s Link-less Link Love, I received a lot of feedback regarding images for the weekly Link Love. First, let me clarify. I will be continuing to do Link Love — I was just asking about the illustration of Link (from The Legend of Zelda) holding a pencil and whether people were getting bored with him.

As a result of the comments, a great idea was born. I’d like to ask you, my lovely readers, to write, draw, photograph, or doodle an original “Link Love” image. It can be lettering, calligraphy, your own interpretation of Link or anything else you think might relate to the weekly list of pen/pencil-centric blog links.

Email your submission to me at Please include any link information you’d like in the image credit (your full name, your Twitter handle, Instagram feed, blog, whatever). Also include any information about inks, tools, paper, etc used in your creation. Please let me know that you give me permission to include it in the weekly Link Love post here on the blog and that the image is your original piece.

Thanks to everyone! And I can’t wait to see what you create!

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