Letter Writing Month: Day 2 and It’s Not Too Late to Start

February is both InCoWriMo and LetterMo, two challenges to encourage you to write a letter a day for a month. I started with A Month of Letters (AKA LetterMo) many years ago, so its the challenge I think of first, but I know many people think of InCoWriMo as the larger of the two challenges. They both accomplish the same goal… to write more letters.

I’ve been trying to slowly prepare you all for the whole month of January in Link Love but I forgot to post an official post yesterday to kickstart February yesterday. But I did write my first letter.

So, if you didn’t write a letter yesterday, its okay. Just write two postcards today… or do two thank you cards for those holiday gifts you got to get started and You’ll be all set. Easy peasy.

My goal is to make my way through some unanswered letters, write my thank you notes and write to big wigs in Washington and give them a piece of my mind. I don’t know if it will help but I’m hoping that having to stumble over giant bags of mail will at least annoy some interns. It’s the little things.

What are your plans?

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  1. Ana,
    I’m SO ALL OVER THIS! I did LetterMo last year for the first time, and have continued correspondents with a lot of them over the year. 4 of us have started a traveling journal. We each take turns doing a daily journal and then send it off to the next person. (About every 3 wks). It’s been hysterical to say the least when you get it back! TX, NJ, CO & Australia….

    Just last week I got my order of cool envelopes from JAM & my pens are all inked and ready to go! Well, at least 7 of them are inked..
    If any reader wants to “Friend” me in LetterMo, my user name is Ubockinme!

  2. I sent a letter to a childhood friend yesterday and plan to write one this evening to an uncle. Boy, will he be surprised to get a letter! I am excited to be participating this year.

  3. I’m undertaking InCoWriMo for the first time & im super excited. First day was a note to my husband, second day was a letter to a good friend who lives interstate. We usually text each other so she’ll be surprised to receive a letter 🙂 I’m going to write today’s letter soon. Ana, I’d love to send a letter to you, I find your blog inspiring (& it enoucrages me to spend $!). if you’d like to receive a letter from me in Australia let me know 🙂

  4. Well, I have 8 thank you notes to get into the mail and then a letter to a friend. Plus several letters ‘in waiting’ and a bunch of postcards!

  5. I made a vague intention to participate in InCoWriMo last year, and as it happens, a vague intention really didn’t get the job done. So, this year, I set up a calendar, made a list of people I wanted to write to, gathered stamps, cards, paper, and addresses, and in general treated it like something I’m invested in doing. And, okay, it’s only the 3rd day as I write this, but so far, so good. I don’t think I even made it two days last time.

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