News: Col-o-ring Release, Upcoming Pen Shows & Swatching Video

I did a soft launch of the Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books this weekend and thought, “Hey, maybe we might sell a few.” Um, wow. The response was amazing.

We sold out. In a day. I’m speechless.

We are going back on press this week and will be adding more to the shop throughout the week as they are available. Hopefully, there are other people who want books otherwise we will reprint my lifetime supply. That’s what I thought with the first batch but you crazy, awesome, amazing people bought them so we are taking a chance and printing more.

In the meantime, I made a short video demonstrating how I do my swatches. I am not at all experienced at making videos so please overlook the video quality. And the green hands… I had an ink accident prior to recording.

This is by no means the only way to do ink swatching. This is just the method I use. I love the technique that Mike from Inkdependence uses in his video. I included a link to his video in Link Love last Wednesday. There are many other methods as well. If you have a favorite technique, please leave a link in the comments.

In other news, Wednesday is the 250th episode of the Pen Addict podcast. I thought I might crash the party and help the boys celebrate. A little warm-up before the real party in Atlanta in a few weeks.

Speaking of Atlanta…

The Atlanta Pen Show is just THREE WEEKS away! Holy crapoly! I’ve got inks to swatch, Col-o-rings to make, pink hairs to dye and many, many blog posts to get prepped and ready so that folks who AREN’T GOING still have things to read.

For Attendees: You can find me at the Vanness Pen Shop table by day, and either the bar or the Waffle House by night. Unless, of course, its Saturday night, then I’ll be third wheelin’ for Brad and Myke and the Relay Con live recording of the Pen Addict podcast.

The Vanness Pen Shop will be stocking the Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books for the Atlanta Pen Show. Pre-orders will not be needed though there will be a limited number of books available. Hopefully, we will not run out.

If you’re not going to Atlanta: I’ll be sure to have regular content through the week and as many Instagram posts as I can cram in. I’ll be sure to include a wrap-up after the show if you’re curious about the details.

Other Pen Shows: Plans are to bring the Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books to Chicago, San Francisco and other pen shows this year as well. News as those shows get closer.

I promise, the blog is not turning into “All about Col-o-ring”. Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled content including reviews, Link Love and Ask The Desk posts about all the topics you love. I just need a day or two to catch my breath.

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  1. I’m so glad I got one that first day! It says it’s out for delivery today, so I’ll be stalking my postal deliveryman.

  2. I could watch you show off your swatches all day! Can’t wait for a restock of the cards so I can nab some!

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