Eye Candy: Eraser and Pencil Accessory Case

My pencil problem has an equal rival: the pencil accessories problem. To accompany my pencils, I have pencil point protectors, erasers, sharpeners, and leads for mechanical pencils. The accessory collection has grown to such proportions that it warranted its own organizational system.

I use an old military green metal box with divided compartments that keep leads in a section, point protectors in another section, erasers in another and so on.  It’s not exactly efficient organization at the moment but at least I can see where everything is. Sharpeners still live in a divided section in a drawer because they take up a ton of space. There is a small lead point in the case as it goes along with the leads more than regular wood-and-graphite sharpeners.

My favorite lead refill is this vintage Mikado red lead refill. RED!  So, for all the ink refills I have… I have an equal number of pencil refills should my reputation for being ill-prepared ever come into question.

Girl Scout ’til I die.

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  1. While all your pencil ephemera is cool, I am drooling over that OD green military box. Where did you get THAT?

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