Ink Review: Sailor Studio 162

By Jessica Coles

Sailor Studio inks. 100 inks that have amazing characteristics including heavy sheening inks, pastel colors, even inks that seem to be several colors and no specific color at the same time.  Today, we are looking at Sailor Studio 162.

According to the numbering scheme used by Sailor, we can tell that this will be the lightest color in this color group (the color group 62). I previously reviewed Sailor Studio 462 which is in the same color group.

A quick first glance at Sailor Studio 162 shows an overall dusky green ink.  But plenty of pinkish-purple shows through along with grey.

In writing, the color shows more as a light bluish green.  With my medium nib (Lamy Safari pen), there was also plenty of shading.

The ink could almost be mistaken for a grey that leaned towards blue, at times.

The paper used here is cream colored.  It seems to be a perfect pairing with Sailor Studio 162, though!

Here is a comparison of Sailor Studio 162 (on the left) and Sailor Studio 462 (on the right) to show how close the two colors are.  462 has fewer distinguishable colors – the lighter colors seem to be hidden when the first number is greater than 3.

Again, another comparison with Sailor Studio 462, this time in studio lighting and on white Col-o-Dex cards. The lighter 162 does show more of the subtle colors.

As for comparisons – this part is always difficult with Sailor Studio inks.  I’ve laid out both green and purplish-grey inks for the lineup.  I think it helps to show the subtle colors.

Kobe #64 is a somewhat close match to Sailor Studio 162, however, once again the Sailor Studio ink shows a depth and color variation that I have yet to find in other inks.

Again, the only place I have been able to purchase Sailor Studio inks in the United States is one eBay seller, linked below.  Please let me know if you find other sellers!  Even with the high price of these inks, I believe it’s worth the expense to add one or two to your collection.

Disclaimer: All items in this review were purchased by me.  For more information, visit our About page.

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  1. OOOOOHHH!!!! Pretty colour!! That is a really nice shade of glorious green!! Thanks for sharing!! Might have to add it to my collection!!!!

  2. I know these Sailor Studio numbered inks are expensive for the amount of ink you get – or they seem so to me – but, they are fascinating, aren’t they? That blueish color that shows up in that interesting and mild 1960-ish green? It doesn’t really look like sheen, does it? This kind of chemical magic keeps turning up when I see reviews of inks in this line. I give up – just take my money. I’ll think of some way to explain it to my wife.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Anderson Pens ( sells Sailor Studio inks but you have to order it by phone 920-997-8220, at a good price $ 18.00 dollars


  4. Pen Boutique in Maryland has them!

    That is where I have been getting mine. Fahrney’s Pens in DC has them too, and that’s where I’ll go when the brick and mortar store is open again. I like supporting the local shops whenever I can.

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