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It looks like our stay-at-home/self-quarantining orders are going to last at least through the month of April. Many of us are learning to live a different sort of life, what seemed unthinkable a few weeks ago, is now starting to feel routine. Sometimes scary, sometimes just plain weird.

Last week, my hair stylist texted me to say that all appointments were cancelled through the month of April so my carefully maintained pink hair is starting to show its “true colors.” Weeks of sitting on the couch and not having to walk miles around an expansive office is starting to show as well.

So, I am ramping up my fitness routines: walking regularly now that the weather is warm and riding my stationary bike (yes, this time I mean stationary, not stationery) to help stave off the COVID-20 (as in pounds).

I am maintaining my logbook which I use to track the things I do each day. It used to include things like “lunch with Stephanie” or “dinner at the Tompkins, mmmm, pizza!” but now is a list of the films and tv shows I’ve watched, books I’m reading and knitting projects I’m working on.

Are you tracking anything? Or journaling?

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  1. Hi from Vancouver BC Ana,

    Crazy days indeed. In answer to your question, I am tracking several activities (exercise, meditation, reading and journaling) in my Baronfig Clear Habit journal, which I also use as my work bullet journal. For personal journaling I am using a Seven Seas Microdot (my all time favourite journal and paper) and with everything that is going on in our world I am finding many thoughts pouring out onto the Tomoe River pages daily. I usually have 6 or 7 pens inked and I tend to use a different colour for different streams of thoughts. I just love the way the pages sort of crinkle as the pages get filled, just one more of the many endearing idiosyncrasies of these wonderful notebooks.

    Thanks so much for keeping up this fabulous blog. I am certain I am not alone in saying that I look forward to your posts every day.

    All the best, and stay safe, David

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