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On Sunday, Laura and I started going through the Pen Show Schedule and trying to figure out how best to update it. Many shows have already announced postponed dates or cancellations due to the pandemic but some, that are a few months out, are still listed as “on schedule”. I confess, I’m skeptical that any shows will go forward this year. Most cities have said that re-opening economies will be slow and the last aspect of that will be allowing large events. Most people think of “events” as concerts, sporting events, graduations, weddings, etc. We among us who are “pen people”, of course, think of pen shows.

Since pen shows, clearly require a lot of people to be in a small amount of space, many traveling long distances by plane, there is not a good way to make them happen without putting people at risk of COVID-19 unless the illness has been eradicated.  I don’t think most US shows will be able to happen this year. And it’s probably largely unlikely that worldwide shows may face the same issues.

I know that, short of a vaccine for COVID-19, I’m very unlikely to travel this year. So much for my frequent flyer mile status.




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  1. I think if ANY pen show in any country thinks it’s having a show this year they are being foolish. Whether it is allowed or not is besides the point. It simply isn’t ethical at this point.
    Considering that any such venues would have poor air flow and close quarters for vendors and customers alike, does any pen show organizer really want to risk being the root cause of a potential virus hub? All it takes is one infected person. Never mind the exposure from being on a plane.

    This article nails exactly why such would not be wise:

    I hope an abundance of caution and regard for human like & dignity rises above striving for normalcy.

    1. Of course a pen show would be great, but given the circumstances, very doubtful any will proceed, even the ones that postponed or were scheduled in the Fall. Pretty bummed but I agree that an abundance of caution is necessary – that is until a working and active vaccine is developed and easily accessible. Virtual pen shows are doable, even if it’s one vendor at a time. Coordinate for a set weekend or even week with specific timeframes for each. Doable?
      That goes for Pelikan Hubs too – virtual is definitely doable for these (not as fun, but whatever works!)

  2. I imagine the same will go for the Pelikan Hub, sigh. Ana was a fantastic Hub Master, and the 2019 KC Hub was the best I’ve attended. It set the bar high. After seeing Moonstone ink photos, I was looking forward to it.

    Any ideas on the chances of the Pelikan Hubs? (Likely doubtful to none).

    1. Thanks so much! I hadn’t even thought about the Pelikan Hubs yet. Maybe it’s time to think about a worldwide virtual Pelikan Hub?

  3. At least with the hubs it’s still possible if the groups are kept smaller, possible…even if not likely.

  4. This is technically “Week Nine”. You had listed two previous Link Loves as “Week Three”.

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